Howard Ghedia

Howard Ghedia

Become a best achieving broker by someone who has been a Top Adviser in the business for over 20 years!

Howard has been very successful with extensive knowledge and skills in Financial Services industry covering Mortgage & Finance, Financial Planning, Accounting and Taxation. You will receive practical coaching and mentoring assistance during his Mentoring Program in all of these areas that will separate you from other brokers, including understanding of complex finance applications covering commercial, leasing, tax structures and superannuation funds. During mentoring program Howard will assist you in developing your referral source. This will include networking with Professionals such as accountants, financial planners, dealer groups and social media.

Howard has designed industry award winning Cash Flow Management and Budgeting System – Lifestyle Planner that is being used by mortgage brokers, financial planners and accountants. Lifestyle Planner provides a deeper understanding of clients’ goals and objectives by establishing a long term relationship to oversee their lifelong financial needs. As a result they will retain you as their broker over their entire life. Visit his website

Let Howard develop your “exact” knowledge & skills through his experience using systems, procedures & methodologies by targeted focus that 1% of most people “miss”. Using his mentoring program your business success is guaranteed!

If you possess right mind set and attitude Mortgage Broking can lead you to one of the most rewarding career. Howard’s mentoring program will unleash your true potential by testing your capacity & capabilities and will prepare you to be the “very best” in the industry.

Howard is a respected professional in the financial service industry and has won many industry recognised awards. Howard’s detail profile can be found at:

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