Lifestyle Planner is a perfect tool for Mortgage Brokers and their clients……

Benefits to Mortgage Brokers:

  • Cashflow Management System. An effective tool that provides you a measure of what % of their actual income is spent servicing debts.
  • Ability to predict when clients able to purchase new property investments etc.
  • Powerful Relationship Builder.
  • Perfect for coaching & mentoring to source new and referral business from existing clients.
  • Know your client better from the study of their spending habits for Responsible Lending.
  • Creates a new income stream from coaching & mentoring.
  • Retain clients and service their financial needs for life.

Available in white Label.

Benefits of the White Label:

  • Lifestyle Planner system branded with  “own label” and corporate colours
  • Hosted separately and have total control over its own Mortgage Brokers and their clients
  • Ability for the Mortgage Brokers client complete fact find online.
  • Ability to track the financial status online of their clients’ banking transactions regularly as mortgage brokers has the same access to their clients’ data.
  • Ability to add and delete advisers and still retain their clients documents (i.e. fact finds, risk profiles, SOAs etc.) in the system for audit and for statutory purpose.
  • Complete document management system with customisable client folders. Ability of Mortgage Brokers’ client to upload documents such as signed loan applications, loan application, payslips, contract agreements etc. Likewise Mortgage Brokers are also able to upload documents for their clients to access such as signed loan applications, valuation reports etc.
  • Messaging system between Mortgage Brokers and their clients that is fully auditable with complete admin access.
  •  Ability for institutions to build the library of resource such as elimination unnecessary lifestyle expenses that do not produce investment assets or income and money saving tips, articles and video tools to assist them in saving towards their next investment properties and to stay on course to meet their goals & objectives. This tool is an essential tool for coaching & mentoring and is included in the Lifestyle Planner white label system.
  • Marketing Module (optional)
  • Access to clients financial and cashflow reports
  • Able to customise Client Fact Find under NCCP.

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