Your Personal program

Mentoring Brokers Group is a customised mentoring program.

  • We will design a personal action plan to give you the confidence, skills and knowledge you need to work with clients as a professional, skilled and ethical mortgage broker.
  • We will give you all the tools and resources you need – used by your mentors in their own highly successful mortgage broking businesses.
  • Your new business will benefit from Mentoring Brokers Group’s long-standing and strong relationships with MFAA, lenders, and aggregators.
  • We will guide you through loan scenarios and real-life negotiations. We will help you develop effective communication skills. And we will support you as you gain confidence to manage difficult and complex situations.
  • You will learn how to attract more leads and achieve a high rate of conversion.
  • We will pass on our tips for marketing – from raising your profile using media coverage and website search engine optimisation through to winning industry recognition awards.
  • We will show you how to create a saleable asset that will increase in value as your business goes from strength to strength.
  • We will show you how to become a confident, successful investor by utilising your skills to create your own wealth.
  • You will have access to a wealth of regularly updated accredited training opportunities for your continuing professional development.
  • You will join a network of like-minded people who want to succeed. Together you can celebrate your successes, share your ideas, and discuss the issues that impact on your business.


Put your professional career in the right hands

It’s about structure, support and success. Mentoring Brokers Group are setting new standards in the training and professional development of mortgage brokers. Approved by the peak national body, MFAA, our Mentor Programme suits:

  • Graduates who have successfully completed their Certificate IV or Diploma of Financial Services (Finance/Mortgage Broking Management)
  • Those who have made the decision to pursue a career in mortgage broking full-time
  • Successful professionals wanting to complement their services and/or financial services business.


Our Structured Mentor Programme

You don’t get MFAA approval unless your Mentor Programme is one of the most comprehensive, well-rounded ‘how-to’ programmes in the market.
This is a programme designed for you. New entrants can expect the structure and ongoing support they need to successfully achieve their goals.

It has ALL the key elements: Industry Compliance, Business Planning, Loan Products, Lending Structures, Marketing Strategies, Business Development and Financial Selling Skills. This programme combines both “classroom” and “in the field” learning environments. For you this means consistent, measurable, high performance results that really matter.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Achieve their industry and lender accreditations
  • Write and review their Mortgage Broking Business Plan
  • Establish scalable business systems and support structures
  • Market and promote their business
  • Research, compare and explain different Home Loan products
  • Conduct Home Loan interviews
  • Write Home Loans
  • Cross sell complementary products and services
  • Manage client records
  • Stay in contact and service their client’s ongoing financial needs.

Full support over the 2 years with:

  • Mentor Programme workbooks and manuals
  • Monthly workshop sessions
  • Specially dedicated Lender Workshops
  • Expert presenter workshops on Business Development Strategies
  • Hundreds of downloadable tools, checklists, and tips
  • Assistance with loan scenarios
  • Assistance preparing for their home loan interviews
  • Assistance preparing loan submissions
  • Validation of their first 12 loan applications prior to submission to the lender
  • Ongoing phone and email access to their dedicated Mentor.

Participants enjoy real value for money

  • Over 120 hours of scheduled, face-to-face, small group mentor workshops
  • Hours of allocated mentor support time via phone and email
  • Dedicated Business Building workshops with Specialist Guest Presenters
  • Dedicated Specialist Lending Forums with a panel of lender representatives
  • Comprehensive work and reference books; over 1,000 pages
  • Downloadable templates, tools, checklists, and worksheets
  • A fair & flexible fee structure that enables you to pay as you go









Mentor Programme Overview – The First Year

  • Credit Representative Appointment/ASIC
  • Industry Accreditation
  • Lender Accreditations
  • Mortgage Broker Software Set Up
  • Compliance Records/NCCP
  • Compliance Tools and Templates
  • Start Product Research Activities
  • Start Home Loan Case Studies
  • Compliance Records
  • Loan File Set Up Procedures, Systems, Checklists & Templates
  • Mortgage Broker Software Practice
  • Loan Product Research Activities
  • Continue Home Loan Case Studies
  • Home Loan enquiry and interview practice
  • Start live loan applications
  • Validate live loan applications
  • Compliance Records
  • First Home Owner Grant Compliance
  • Mortgage Broker Software Practice
  • Loan Product Research Activities
  • Continue Home Loan Case Studies
  • Home Loan enquiry and interview practice
  • Live loan applications
  • Validate live loan applications
  • Business Planning/goal setting
  • Time Management
  • Business Tools organized (including website and cards)
  • Design and build Client e. Newsletter
  • Design and build Presentation Packs
  • Personal Profile design
  • Selling Financial Services training/role plays
  • Start sending monthly Client e. Newsletters
  • Selling YOU
  • How to ask for referrals from family and friends
  • Lead generation through business networks
  • Business Networking Tips
  • Referral follow-up activities
  • Social Media Networking
  • Measuring your Performance
  • Send Monthly Client e. Newsletters
  • Lead generation through Sponsorship opportunities
  • Lead generation through marketing your local community
  • Making a positive, lasting impression
  • Referrals from Real Estate Agents
  • Referrals from Builders and Property Developers
  • The Building Process
  • How Construction Loans Work


Mentor Programme Overview – The Final Year

  • Compliance Records
  • MFAA membership renewal
  • Business & Trust Structures
  • Understanding & Interpreting Financial Statements
  • Commercial Lending & Asset Finance
  • Products
  • Continue Research Projects and Activities
  • Continue Home Loan Case Studies
  • Live loan applications
  • Validate live loan applications
  • Compliance Records
  • Continue Research Projects and Activities
  • Continue Home Loan Case Studies
  • Live loan applications
  • Validate live loan applications
  • Mentor Programme completed
  • Certificate of Completion Issued
  • Transition to MFAA Full Membership
  • Application for Australian Credit License (ACL) if required
  • Business Planning Review
  • Review Business Goals
  • Time Management Review
  • Client Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Best Practice tools and tips
  • Keep In Touch (KIT) Programme Design
  • Lead generation through existing clients
  • Referrals from Accountants and Financial Planners
  • Referrals from Conveyancer and Solicitors
  • Performance measurement and management
  • Business Planning Review
  • Diversification strategies
  • Focus on earn per client strategies
  • Strategic Alliances
  • Outsourcing opportunities
  • Recruitment
  • Performance
  • Measurement and Management
  • How to apply for your Australian Credit Licence (ACL)



Mentor Programme Monthly Workshop Flow

Our Mentor Workshops are held monthly between February-November each year. There are quarterly intakes each February, May, August and October.

A typical Mentor Workshop looks like this: